For all sales enquiries please email Dave or Boggart

Boggart Brewery Distributions are now taking our beer...

We'd love to sell you some beer... if we have any in stock as, currently, we have a waiting list! 

At present we have no "fixed range" and brew a single 6BBL run per month; see the "Our Beers" section for more detailed information on our latest brew.

We have agreed with Boggart Brewery Distributions that our beer will be distributed by them, so if you deal with Boggart then they will be able to get our beer for you.  If you don't deal with Boggart then email Dave and we will see what we can do; there may be a slight delay in replies but he will be as quick as possible with an answer.

All beer will be available in 9-gallon firkins and, by special arrangement, 4.5-gallon pins.  Contact Dave to discuss festival/pub special beers (as we dry-hop all our beer by default we will need to use a different hop to produce a unique beer for you) or to commission a complete brew.

Bottled beer is a future plan of ours and may come to fruition soon, probably some pretty extreme stuff too...