Some for you just in case you need 'em... click on the thumbnail and it'll open up as a separate window, on this image right-click and then choose "Save Image as...".  If you want any images of pumpclips then let us know and we'll send them to you.

General Images
A crucible image with our name and strapline.
Our diamond "Worksplate" logo on a metal sheet background.
"I love South Yorkshire"... well, obviously!


Our "Grim up North" series of posters!
Every picture tells a story... this one from the roof.
A painting of Sheffield, and a fairly apocalyptic one at that!
The photo is actually from America but it looks pretty "Steel city" to me...
Likewise, this is Duisburg in the Rhone valley but, hey... Steel Cities must stick together!
This scene is about as Northern as they come.
A paint-effect Sheffield scene.
Not sure about this one, judge for yourselves!
It's big and industrial, can't remember where it was though!
A Northern skyline given the "newsprint" treatment.
A view of a Northern city at the turn of the century.
My personal favourite; our diamond logo and chimneys.
Another take on this image.
It's craft beer, it's from the grim North... you know the score by now.